Sculptures and Highrelief

Sculptures represent Boris' most intense expression of creativity. Materials and subjects are the result of "creating" with maximum emotional and thought freedom.

Urban skyline

The different use of refractory clay give natural colors and depth to the represented skylines which are completely hand made. It is possible to realize and develop any skyline or subject that the client requires after a preliminary sketch. Varying dimensions as well as backlit possibilities.

Urban design and public places

The natural resilience to atmospheric agents of refractory mixtures, allows for the application of these materials in urban design and outdoor. Coat of arms, emblems, sculptures, fountains and per-project designs.


Tracce della natura, antichi simboli, meridiane solari: gli altorilievi traggono spunto da molti aspetti della storia dell'uomo e del mondo nel suo insieme.
Oltre agli esempi riportati, si eseguono altorilievi anche su precisi temi suggeriti dal cliente, miscelando terre policrome, metalli e altri materiali in modo da armonizzare l'opera con l'ambiente nella quale sarà collocata. Di seguito alcuni esempi di realizzazioni.

Design furniture

The polychrome clays allow for the realization of design furniture and structures for the house like: tables, shelves, lamps, covers or other particular requests. Personalized designs are possible.



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